I. Cancellation

No cancellations are entertained for Inner Bio Products.

Inner Bio does not accept cancellation requests for consumables like nutrition and diabetic supplements and tests once the product is opened.

(b) Cancellation/returns may not be possible for certain products under the following conditions:

 (c) Inner Bio has right to determine condition of product(s) for refund ability or ex-changeability

II. Return & Refund Policy

The return and exchange policy for products sold on www.Innerbio .com is has no returns / exchanges.

(d) The Returns Process

There is no return or replacement for the products ordered.

There could be certain circumstances beyond our control where you could receive damaged/defective product(s) or a product that is not the same as per your original order. We will replace or refund the product to your satisfaction. Inner Bio will determine the exact reason for such circumstances. In those cases it has to be reported before using the product(s), please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will guide you on the process for the same at our Customer Service email- or contact 6383915064