Dietary experts believed that the intake of healthy food habit is one of the best ways to avoid illness naturally. MCT oil powder is an example of functional food, as it has specific disease preventive and curative effects. We need to take of MCT oil powder regularly with adequate amounts to acquire its health benefits. But taste and flavor are two important criteria to maintain the regular compliance of the required dosage. Nutrition and Food Science Group, in Oxford University, explained that adding natural food flavors could increase food and nutrient intakes. 

What is the role of flavor in functional food like MCT oil powder?

Almost everyone knows that the intake of food is the only way to supply nourishment to the body. But satisfaction during consumption is the most important requirement to incorporate any food item in our daily eating habits. Changing food technology brings many health supplements to keep ourselves healthy, but as a consumer, we are very much concerned about the taste and flavor of these health supplements. We want to enjoy our consumption, which is also known as hedonism.

Consumers want every food products should be manufactured in such a way that it is easily acceptable to their sensory nervous system. Considering this consumer's point of view, it has been proven that the addition of natural flavor enhances sensory acceptance and increase nutritional intake. The added natural flavor can also exert therapeutic benefits. 

Figure: Sensory analysis found the better acceptability by addition of flavored essential oils to MCT oil source [coconut oil (CNO) ].


Different flavor triggers our sensory nerves differently. Selection of flavor is also depends upon the nature of the primary food ingredient of the product. Flavor also has a direct connection with the perception of taste.Some flavors like vanilla, strawberry, almond, coconut mingle with MCT oil powder and enhance its taste and consumer can enjoy a drink. Sometimes spicy flavor also added value to the MCT oil powder.

Benefits of Flavored MCT oil powder

Coconut oil is a natural source of MCT oil, as it is the richest source of medium-chain fatty acids. In 2017, a research article published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology acknowledged that addition of essentials oils present in black pepper and ginger to coconut oil not only increases the sensory acceptability but improves the antioxidant power. This combination also increases the shelf-life of MCT oil by improving stability.  Vanilla is a very common natural flavor added to different health supplements. Consumers also love to choose vanilla-flavored MCT oil powder. Inner bio MCT oil powder manufacturer company formulate the organic product. The highest vanilla flavor can be obtained from organic vanilla bean, which is highly nutritious also. Along with essential oils, the presence of vitamins and minerals makes vanilla as a healthy flavoring agent.  Some individuals may experience nausea tendency after incorporation of oily health supplements like MCT oil powder.  But this tendency is reduced by selecting vanilla-flavored MCT oil powder. The vanilla aroma helps to control nausea tendency and relives associated gastrointestinal discomfort. Vanilla also adds antioxidant power to the MCT oil powder.